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With Karbonpath system, manage your environmental and social performance.

Manage your ESG strategy and actions on a daily basis

Karbonpath integrates with your information system for continuous ESG monitoring.

Climate urgency

Against a backdrop of global warming and depletion of natural resources, environmental, social and governance standards and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent.

transformation strategies

More and more leaders are willing to transform their business model to incorporate the notion of sustainability, in connection with their employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Global Issues, Local Contexts

Regulatory frameworks vary significantly from one region to another, requiring companies to adapt to regional and national contexts.

vision of the future

Our solution enables companies to address regulatory issues and deploy a short- and medium-term ESG strategy.

Which ESG scope to monitor?

Implementing a responsible and sustainable corporate strategy rests on 3 pillars. First, the ability to measure the company's environmental impact, starting with greenhouse gas emissions. Secondly, the ability to assess the social impact on individuals and society. Finally, the implementation of a governance system that enables environmental and social objectives to be steered.

Karbonpath, your ESG performance management system.

Company's environmental impact?

A company’s environmental impact begins with its greenhouse gas emissions. All companies are concerned. In addition to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, human activities are the source of numerous gases responsible for the rapid transformation of our environment, such as methane (CH4) emissions from industrial, oil or agricultural sources, nitrous oxide (N2O) or fluorinated gases from agricultural, chemical or industrial sources, or from waste management.

The company’s environmental impact comes from the use of natural resources, not only energy but also water, and the resulting pollution that impacts biodiversity and ecosystems. The massive, and sometimes unconstrained, use of natural resources has a direct impact on the planet, and also poses risks for companies: increased costs linked to scarcity, meteorological risks, societal risks linked to induced effects.

Karbonpath, your environmental performance management system.

Social impact?

Measuring a company’s influence on individuals and society is an essential component of an ESG strategy. A responsible company demonstrates its ability to provide a working environment for its employees that respects the law, health, safety, fairness, diversity and inclusion, and promotes working conditions that ensure the well-being of its employees. It manages its network of suppliers and supply chains worldwide. It takes local communities into account and is able to measure its impact within its extensive network involving all stakeholders.

Karbonpath, your social performance management system.

Meeting standards and preparing for the future

Corporate Sustainability Reporting applicable en Europe à 50 000 entreprises dès 2024 (EFRAG & ISO)
Outil digital et double matérialité renforcés EU Directive 2022/2464
22 000 dirigeants recensés dans la Corporate Sustainability Initiative de Global Compact – UN